the violet factor


How would you describe your PHOTOGRAPHY style?

…a velvet, satin dream.

I love natural light and my style is blended between fine arts and film and I believe soft, natural colors are timeless. I want you to look back at your pictures and be reminded of a dream that came true; not some trendy edit. Photography is very personal as your story will be told through the details and moments I see; whether it’s your wedding day, your engagement, or your graduation. I strive to find the violet factor in every piece I curate. To me, that means unmasking the balance between power & delicacy.

I’m obsessed with capturing the love between wildly passionate, adventurous couples and the uniqueness of shameless humans. If you’re reading this, most likely you’re at a pivotal point in your life and you want to find a photographer who can beautifully document it for you. If you’re price shopping for a cheap photographer or someone who will just snap a few quick photos, I may not be the best fit for you. Not because I don’t want us to work together, but because I want you to find someone who will make your vision come alive. That’s more important to me than a profit; I’m here to make every dollar you invest worth it. So if this sounds fitting to you, let’s grab some coffee and talk about your wedding timeline, your academic achievements, and your dreams.


I'm a California native, Bay Area born and raised. I have a Bachelor's of Arts in Sociology with minors in Ethnic Studies/Organizational Business and a Master's in Sustainable International Development. Aside from photography, I enjoy traveling, food, philosophy and taking naps with my puppy and giant rabbit. 

Clients of all different race, ethnicity, cultures, sex, age, genetic information, sexuality, gender identity/expression, religious creed, nationality, origin, familial status, disabilities, veteran status and body shapes are welcome. I aim to be as inclusive as possible and invite diversity in all forms.


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